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Anti-Semitism in Israel

Several religious people in Israel, feel the Israeli government is anti-Jewish. They refer to the early days of the state when the socialist government of Ben-Gurion, forced many Jews to abandon their religion. They mention the forced assimilation of the Jews who immigrated from the Arab and African states into Israel during the 40's and 50's. They also mention the abduction of several hundred Yemenite babies, and the forced assimilation to which thousands of young holocaust survivor orphan children where subjected at the atheistic kibbutzim.

"The Orthodox Jews - black ants"
Today, the attacks upon the religious Jewish population is most heavily felt in the Israeli media, including newspapers, radio and TV. This attack is led by leftist politicians from Labor, Meretz, and others. Meretz has called for violence against religious Jews, and some of Meretz members proudly refer to themselves as "The Israeli Nazi Party."

An Israeli institute that keeps track of anti-semitism in the world, reported at a conference that in the last few years there has been a significant rise in anti-semitic attacks worldwide. When asked if they also keep track on the anti-semitic attacks in Israel, the answer was surprising: "No, we don't do that because we fear our funding might get cut-off." When asked to explain what she meant, she replied: "I'm not talking about the Arabs. I'm referring to attacks originating from the Israeli left. I'm ashamed to say that if the same standars and definitions were applied in Israel, many left-wing political statements and media reports would be considered anti-semitic."

The sucking Jew!
An Orthodox Jew sucking
the blood of a secular jew!
In 1998, Yisrael Eichler, a prominent Haredi spokesman, charged that many of the stereotypes used by the Nazis against Jews have been translated into Hebrew and employed to delegitimize the Haredi (religious) public by the Israeli left. He compared cartoons appearing in Israeli newspapers, to those used by the Nazis in 1933. They were identical, except that those in 1933 were referring to the Jews in general, while the newer ones were about the Haredi Jews.

Yossi Sarid of Meretz immediately demanded that the Attorney-General prosecute Eichler for his words. Ophir Pines of Labor filed a police complaint against Eichler and urged that he be barred from journalism and the media. Apparently, the Israeli Left seems unable to shake its Bolshevik roots. For them, all is permitted, for their opponents nothing.

Interviewed by Yediot Aharonot after Eichler's accusations, Moshe Zimmerman, professor of German history at the Hebrew University, admitted that Eichler's charges were not unfounded and that "many of the images of Haredim found in the secular press are drawn from classical anti-semitic sources, including the Nazis."

Above: "The new enemies!!! "
Underneath: "We should liquidate them
when they are still small!!!"
Fantasies of violence against Haredim abound. Not just anonymous wall posters, but articles by leading journalists and academics in the mainstream media. Haredim are dehumanized every day, portrayed as an undifferentiated mass of black. In Josef Goebbels' propaganda films images of Hasidim dissolved into images of running rats, and today, in Israel, Haredim are once again portrayed as subhuman beasts, breeding like insects. They are "black ants," "humming locusts," "crass baboons," "backward barbarians," "forces of darkness."

Once Jews were accused of killing Christian children and drinking their blood. And today "bloodsucker" is a favored term for Haredim. In place of body-snatchers, they are accussed of being "soul-snatchers." The Nazis, in 1943, said that the Jews had to be destroyed because they are like viruses. And today, the word "Parasite" has been used so frequently in connection to Haredim that the two terms have become virtually synonymous.

"Everyone should know what is a Rabbi"
Some have even found in the Haredim retrospective understanding for the Nazis. "When I see the Haredim, I can understand the Nazis," said Shulamit Aloni, founder of Meretz and "Peace Now." She sees the Haredim as having usurped the traditional Jewish role of "taking advantage of the gentile, trading in his blood, and laughing at him," only this time with the secular public in the role of the gentile. One wonders whether she also sees the secular public in the traditional gentile role of "avenger" of these outrages.

But how exactly did we arrive to this level of hatred? Even before the founding of the State of Israel, leftist groups have wanted to separate the Jews from Torah. The leftist want Jews to forget about their culture and traditions, and assimilate into the sea of nations. They are loosing the battle, and so they need to use this Nazi tacticts.

The bulk of the secular population does not hate Haredim. Although the control of the political left over the media does have its negative effect. Two issues exploited by the left are most bothersome to a large segment of the secular population. One is the refusal of many Haredi men to serve in the Israeli army, and the other is the refusal of many Haredi men to work for a living. Both these issues are misleading and grossly exagerated in the leftist controlled media, fanning flames of hatred against the Haredi.

According to the Torah, men should serve in the army and also earn money with their work. So how could this ridicuolus situation have developed?

During the first years of the State, Ben-Gurion needed the support of the Haredi Rabbis. He made an agreement with them to grant army exemptions to Yeshiva students. The Rabbis wanted this army exemptions to save the Yeshivot. At the time there were only a few hundred Yeshiva students in Israel, and the Rabbis saw that if they would be sent to the army at a young age they would loose their religiosity. Nevertheless, this agreement was valid only for full time Yeshiva students. If someone will be caught working, he will immediately be drafted into the army, and loose his Yeshiva exemption.

Today, the number of full time Yeshiva students has multiplied to tens of thousands. They still get their army exemptions and cannot go to work to avoid being drafted. At the same time, the Haredi culture has developed in a way that any Haredi young man that enlists in the army is socially banned from the Haredi community. The lack of work activities for Haredi men has resulted in serious poverty levels for their families. Actually, the Haredis are suffering more from this army exemptions than anyone else.

In recent years, a Haredi division has been formed in the Israeli army. It was created with the approval of leading Haredi Rabbis who understood that many Haredi boys were unable or unwilling to study full time in a Yeshiva. The recruits into this unit were mostly children of Haredi families, who had abandoned Haredi values. The results of this army program were encouraging. Not only the participants became better men and more responsible adults in all respects, but they actually became more religious. Hopefully more Haredi boys will join this program in the future.

The issue of the religious in the army is misleading. A recent study shows that over half the combat units in the Israeli army are religious. These include mainly students in the Yeshivot Hesder program. High ranking army officials report that these soldiers are also highly motivated. As opposed to the Haredi decision made several decades ago, the National Religious Rabbis decided that Yeshiva students must serve in the army as part of their Yeshiva program. Hesder Yeshiva students combine their studies with army service in a five year program. They are the most motivated soldiers, and their level of Torah learning is actually much higher than in the Haredi Yeshivot who avoid army service.

At the end of their studies and army service, Hesder Yeshiva graduates can enroll in University and find employment without any problems. Haredi students don't have this options because of their own choice. Furthermore, a growing number of Haredi students is leaving the Haredi world and abandoning their Torah observance. In the Haredi world it's either all or nothing. For the National Religious you can have the best of both worlds, be religious and be a normal person. Rarely a Hesder Yeshiva student will abandon his Torah way of life. Hopefully, more Haredi Rabbis will understand the importance of sending Yeshiva students to the army.

The solution to the two problems mentioned above is clear. Yeshiva students should attend Hesder Yeshiva programs to serve in the army. Even better, all secular Jewish soldiers should be able to join Hesder Yeshiva programs. It should be an army requirement that all secular soldiers attend at least a 3 month Hesder Yeshiva program, to clear all the missinformation they may have about Judaism and the Torah world. Hesder Yeshivot should be used to unite the Jewish Nation, and create peace and love among fellow Jews.

A more serious problem

The main objective of Ahavat Israel is to bring peace, love and understanding among fellow Jews. After several years of intensive research, interviews to thousands of secular Israelis who have expressed some degree of hatred or complaints about the religious Jews in general and the Haredis in particular, an interesting pattern has been uncovered.

What bothers most secular Jews about the religious is the fact that although the religious claim to live according to higher moral standards, their actions prove otherwise. In other words, many Haredi Jews do not behave in accordance to the Torah they claim to observe.

Many examples are readily seen: Smoking is prohibited according to the Torah, but still, many Haredis smoke heavily. Haredi students stand outside their Yeshivot smoking instead of being inside learning. The reason they give is: "The only thing my Rosh Yeshiva cares about is that I dress in black and white, and I always wear my hat."

The goal of the Haredi political parties is to get money for the Yeshivot, and of course, for their own pockets. They would appear to agree to anything for money, even giving away our Land of Israel to Arab murderers. An act specifically prohibited in the Torah.

Many Haredi Yeshivot falsify the number of students learning in those institutions, because they receive money from the Israeli government for each student learning there. The number of false charity organizations is growing at an accelerated pace, getting money from unsuspecting people for orphan homes and Yeshivot that don't even exist.

Several of the Yeshiva and Kollel students getting deferrals for their army service are actually working illegally, sometimes in their own businesses. Of course they don't pay taxes because they are officially studying and don't want to loose their army exemption.

Apparently, the Haredi groups are becoming less Torah observant every day and more like cults. They abandon the Torah commandments, while keeping non-Torah based behavior like dressing in black and white.

An extreme example of this phenomenon is the Naturei Karta cult, they cannot longer be called a Jewish group. Naturei Karta followers are shown below holding anti-Israel signs and PLO flags during an anti-Israel protest held on Shabbat in New York City. According to the Torah, it is prohibited to carry items in a public domain during Shabbat. These pictures prove that the Naturei Karta don't keep Shabbat. The other picture shows them having lunch with Louis Farakhan, a Jew hater in the USA.

Naturei Karta having (Kosher?) lunch with
Louis Farakhan, a Jew-hater in the USA
Naturei Karta joins
Israel's enemies
during an anti-Israel
protest held on Shabbat

These pictures were used by Farakhan to show off his "Jewish" friends, and by Islamic-Arab organizations to show that religious "Jews" also oppose the existence of the State of Israel. Nevertheless, leading Haredi Rabbis in Israel have called on their followers to avoid having any contact with members in the Naturei Karta cult. The Naturei Karta cult members are considered mentally insane, and obviously have no knowledge of Torah. Naturei Karta is a splinter group from the Satmar Hassidic group, who wanted to wait for Moshiach before creating the Jewish State. Even Satmar Hassidim consider the Naturei Karta's actions today outside of any Torah values.

In recent years, a few Reformed "Rabbis" have also joined forces with Israel's enemies and called for Israel's destruction. Where do all self-hating Jews come from? They are indeed mentally insane. Israeli leftist self-hating Jews, are the result of a communist based education that denied all Jewish values. A culture that taught them to hate Torah, they came to Israel but wanted to assimilate and ignore the Torah commandments. Naturei Karta are the result of those who wanted to keep Torah but not come to Israel, they ended up hating those who came to Israel, and forgot the little Torah they knew. The Reformed self-hating Jews did not want to live according to the Torah, nor come to Israel. And this is their pathetic and shameful outcome.

To prevent you from becoming a self-hating Jew, you must learn and keep the Laws of the Torah. You must also have a strong connection to the Land of Israel. Jews living in exile should do their maximum effort to emigrate to Israel. This is a process that may take several years. And most importantly, you must learn to understand, respect, and live in peace with your fellow Jew.

Jews Protest in Jerusalem!!!

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