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How to download and install
the Ahavat Israel wallpaper

You will need WinZip to unzip and install the Ahavat Israel wallpaper. If you don't have Winzip you can get it here.

1. Download the Ahavat Israel wallpaper and note the directory you saved it in, for example (C:\temp). Click here to download the Ahavat Israel wallpaper.

2. Next go to that directory and double click on the file. Then extract the file and save it to your windows directory, for example (C:\windows).

3. Click the Start button in your Windows desktop then Settings then select the Control Panel and then the Display properties. If you have Windows 95/98/NT/2000 you can simply right-click on the Desktop and select Properties to obtain the Display Properties dialogue box.

4. Click on browse if ahavatwp is not listed in the select window, you must be in the windows directory to see it. Locate the file ahavatwp.bmp that you downloaded and click on it, then click on open. The picture should now be shown in the window of the Display properties dialogue box. Now just click apply and then OK. The picture should now be your wallpaper.

5. Enjoy.

For best results your screen area should be set to 800 x 600 pixels.

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