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Sweet Dreams
G-d and the Golfer
Rabbi! What a Surprise!
The Jewish Bear
Building Planes
What's the difference?
The package
The Conversion
Divorcing Mama
Matzoh Script
The Jewish Knight
It Takes More than Brains
The Poor Cow
Some of the Nicest People
Pure Science
Cunning Against Greed
It's Never Too Late
Home, Sweet Home
To Err Is Human
A Penny Saved
Got any Cash?
Can You Spare A Dime?
The Good Book Says
Man and Wife
Tourist in Ireland
Rabin in Heaven
Talking Parrot
All In A Days's Work
A Word To The Wise
Jewish Origin of High Tech
Tickets, Anyone?
Hamming It Up
Joke for the High Holidays
The Dating Game
Jewish Dog
The Big Squeeze
Divide and Conquer
Two Beggars
Mother & Daughter
Last Wish
The Three Hasidim
The Painter
Four Rabbis
Golf Game
Charity Begins At Home
Going For A Drive
At The Bar
The Heavenly Marriage
The Peace Plan
Trust Me!
Bad Attitude Parrot
Gorilla in the Tree
Doctor - Lawyer

What is the main difference between Israel and the USA?

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