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The Poor Cow

One Shabbos afternoon Hershel stood at the window in the Rabbi's study looking outside. "Rabbi," he suddenly asked, "if one sees a cow drowning on the Sabbath -must one save her or let her drown?"

"Of course you can't save her! It's not allowed! What are you looking at anyway?"

"Nothing! A cow fell into the lake."

"What can one do?" sighed the Rabbi. "The Torah forbids it!"

"Just look! " cried Hershel. "Ai-ai-ai! Now the water is going over her head ! It's a pity on the poor dumb animal! "

"What can one do?"

"So you say, Rabbi, nothing can be done for her?"

"What concern is it of yours anyway?"

"Now I can no longer see the poor cow . . . she's gone under . . . drowned! A pity-a great pity !"

"What's the matter with you, Hershel! Why are you lamenting so?"

"You'll be sorry, Rabbi! I tell you-you'll be sorry! "

"Why, in God's name?"

"It's your cow, Rabbi! "

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