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Jews Protest in Jerusalem

In recent years, huge protests have been organized to complain against government initiatives to give away parts of the Land of Israel to our enemies, and to demonstrate against unfair government policies such as the unfairness of several supreme court decisions. Most people in Israel are too busy with their daily routines to come out and protest. So when you hear that the amount of people attending several of these rallies exceeds 500,000 souls, about 10% of the Jewish population in Israel, then you can understand that something here is very wrong.

protest Although all the information contained in this section is public knowledge in Israel, most of it is unknown to Jews living in the diaspora. Every year, hundreds of articles are presented in the Israeli media refering to these issues. These involve serious social and economic problems in Israel. Our intention is to solve the existing problems. The first step in solving a problem is to be aware that the problem exists. Ignoring a problem will not solve it. Refusing to open your eyes to the truth will not make things better.

It is really easy to critize and protest other people actions, but, what would you do if you were in their position? This is a question that we have also addressed in this report. It is not enough to complain. Creative solutions for all the issues involved must be given, to provide for a way to solve these problems. First, we start by describing the basic root of the problems in Israel.

It should not be surprising for you to hear from us, if you have already read the rest of the Ahavat Israel website, that everything that is happening today is actually written in the Torah. If you cannot see this clearly now, you will shortly be able to understand this better. What you may be surprised to hear is that every problem in Israel today is caused by a small minority of people that jumped in the bandwagon when the Jewish Nation started coming back home.

Before pointing our finger to anybody, let us say that our sages teach us that in the present ingathering of the exiles, the process in which the Jewish People are coming back home to Eretz Israel, the events that will be seen are parallel to the events that happened thousands of years ago when we left Egypt to come to Eretz Israel. For 40 years we wondered in the desert before arriving home. And during this time period several problems erupted, challenging the leadership of Moshe Rabeinu.

Just like today, these politicians wanted to prevent the Jewish Nation from leaving Egypt, they wanted to prevent the Jewish Nation from settling the Land of Israel and to receive and keep the Torah commandments. Surprisingly, those people back then used the same arguments and strategies used today by the same type of people to prevent Jews from leaving the Diaspora to come back home to Eretz Israel and to keep the Laws of the Torah.

Who are those people?

When young Moshe Rabeinu (Moses) killed an Egyptian to protect the life of a Jew (Shmot -Exodus- 2:11-12), he was accused by Dathan and Aviram so Pharo would expell Moshe from Egypt (Shmot -Exodus- 2:14-15). Dathan and Aviram were local Jewish politicians empowered by Pharo to rule and enslave the Jews. They saw in Moshe a fierce political opponent and decided to eliminate him politically to keep all their power. Interestingly enough, they said they did this for the well being of the Jewish community.

And when Moshe came back from his years in the desert, and went together with Aaron to speak to Pharo and tell him to "Let My People Go" (Shmot -Exodus- 5:1), Dathan and Aviram confronted them and turned the people against them saying that they were responsible for all the problems and the suffering of the Jews in Egypt (Shmot -Exodus- 5:21). When the Jewish Nation finally left Egypt and were just about to cross the Red Sea, Dathan and Aviram tried to convince the people to return to "the good life" in Egypt (Shmot -Exodus- 14:11-12).

When Moshe went up to Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, Dathan and Aviram convinced the people to build a golden idol and to revolt against the Laws of the Torah, telling them again to return to "the good life" in Egypt, and to abandon the idea of the Promised Land (Shmot -Exodus- 32:1). All through the desert they continued complaining about everything trying to turn the people against Moshe, until the episode with Korach, when the earth opened up and swallowed them (BaMidvar -Numbers- 16:23-33).

Dathan and Aviram represent one kind of Jews, the corrupt Israeli politicians, acting against the Jewish Nation today. But Korach represents a completely different type of Jew, the corrupt Rabbi, acting against the Jewish People today in a different way. Who is a corrupt Jew? Those Jews who value money and power over Jewish rights and Jewish lives.

And Korach was joined by 250 sages and spiritual leaders in his revolt against Moshe Rabeinu (BaMidvar -Numbers- 16:2). Add to these the 10 spies who told the people it was not a good idea to go into the Land of Israel (BaMidvar -Numbers- 13:31-33). These were all respected leaders, who had achieved greatness in Torah learning, large fortunes, and great power over the people.

But after all, these are just a handful of people compared to the 600,000 men and the 2,400,000 additional women, children and elders who were present at Mt. Sinai when the Jewish People received the Torah (Shmot -Exodus- 20:1-6). How could these handful of people managed to keep their power? Because of the Erev Rav, the mixed multitude. These are the people who came out of Egypt together with the Jews, a minority group causing major problems, and placing political strength in the hands of the wrong people (Shmot -Exodus- 12:38).

Can you now understand what is happening today? Can you see the problem? The problems we are about to cover are just the tip of the iceberg. And the way to solve them is with Ahavat Israel. Ahavat Am Israel, Ahavat Torat Israel, Ahavat Eretz Israel. There is no other way to do this. Keep this in mind while reading the following pages.


Jews Protest in Jerusalem!!!

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