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Israeli Arabs

Many people outside of Israel are not aware that over 20% of the Israeli population is Arab. They have full rights under Israeli law, including the right to vote and be elected to the Israeli parliament. The problem is that the Arab population grows much more rapidly than the Jewish population, and according to demographic experts, in a few decades the majority of Israeli citizens will be Arab. They will then be able to vote in the Israeli elections, win a majority of seats in the Knesset, and transform Israel into another Arab State.

This is not a far fetched theory. Israeli Arabs have already become a major problem at Haifa University. Their student union cancelled all Israeli celebrations including Israel Independence day. They openly support acts of terror against Jews. Another Israeli university with similar problems is none other than the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where Arab violence against Jews has existed for many years, including the harrasment of Jewish women by Israeli Arabs at the University's dormitories.

But Arab nationalism is not only reserved for universities. Israeli Arabs have assisted in several terrorist attacks against Israel, and have even carried out some of them. Arab members of Knesset fully cooperate with Israel's enemies, and although this is openly reported in the Israeli media, nothing is done about it!

In reality, Israeli Arabs feel very discriminated. For example, the Israeli National Anthem speaks of "a Jewish spirit..." and a "hope of 2000 years..." but for the Arab spirit this Jewish state is not a hope but a tragedy, not a dream but a nightmare. No wonder no Israeli Arab ever sings the Israeli National Anthem. Another point bothering the Israeli Arabs is the "Law of Return", which enables every Jew to return home and become an Israeli citizen. Israeli Arabs complain this is a racist law because it only applies to Jews. Have you ever heard of an Arab making a contribution to the Jewish National Fund or to the Jewish Agency?

Israeli leftists have already come up with one of their bright solutions: "Lets cancel the Law of Return, and change the Israeli National Anthem!" From this we learn that the Arabs don't need to become a majority in Israel. There are plenty of Israeli Jews that will happily assist them in their plan to destroy Israel. As their actions reflect, leftists actually don't want Israel to be a Jewish State. It's a shameful reality that many Jews want to assist Israel's enemies, just like the Jewish kappos assisted the Nazis. They still believe they will profit from their betrayal to the Jewish Nation.

So what can be done? The answer to this question is very hard, but there is an answer. Most Jews in Israel and abroad would prefer that there would be no Arabs in Israel. Israel would become a much nicer and safer place to live in. But the actions that must be taken to achieve this are not very nice, so most people prefer to just ignore the problem hoping it will just disappear. A few have been brave enough to propose solutions. Some have said that Arabs should not be Israeli citizens, but Israeli residents. This would give them full rights under the law, except for the right to vote and to be elected to the Knesset.

Others have come up with another peace proposal. In 1971, Rabbi Meir Kahane proposed the transfer of the Israeli Arab population, including the Arabs living in the territories liberated in 1967, to one of the 23 Arab states in existence. It must be said that Rabbi Kahane was not the first nor the last person to come up with this peace proposal. Polls taken in Israel show that at least since the 1980's, a large majority of Israeli Jews support this proposal. The only question is how to implement it.

The transfer of Arabs to Arab lands should be done, not because of hatred for the Arabs, but because of love to the Jewish People. This peace plan will work, and will save the lives of thousands of innocent Jews, and Arabs. Let the Arabs run their own governments and rule over their own people in their own land. As part of this plan, Judea, Samaria and Gaza must be annexed and become an integral part of the State of Israel.

Just before being banned from Israeli politics in 1988, Rabbi Kahane said: "Today you must decide, it's either Kahane or Arafat!" The Israeli establishment chosed Arafat. Now we must turn Israel into a true democracy and decide between life and death. Do you want Israel to be a Jewish State? Or would you prefer Israel to be destroyed and become another Arab State? And make no mistake, the plans the Arabs have for the Jews are similar to the plans the Nazis had for the Jews just a few decades ago. The time has come to choose life!

Special report:

Attack on Democracy

democracy Tuesday, September 11, 2001, around 9 a.m. In the worst terrorist attack in history, two hijacked commercial jetliners crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City, toppling both 110-story towers, where thousands of people had just arrived for work. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives in this barbaric act of terror. This is not just an attack against the USA, but against democracy, against humanity, and against world civilization. President Bush was right when he declared that "not only those criminals involved in this attack will be found and punished, but also those countries who protect them by allowing them to reside in their territory, and provide them with arms and funding, they will also be punished..." Apparently, President Bush was referring to Bin-Laden, a Saudi Arabian businessman living in Afghanistan. World media reported Bin-Laden was the main suspect in this crime. Other suspected organizations mentioned included Hamas and Fatah, both of them based in the West Bank.

On Sunday, five days after the attack on the WTC, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told the Knesset that Arafat is just like Bin-Laden:
"Arafat chose a strategy of terrorism and established a coalition of terrorism. Terrorist actions against Israeli citizens are no different from Bin-Laden’s terrorism against American citizens… It was Arafat who, dozens of years ago, legitimized the hijacking of planes. It was Palestinian terrorist organizations that began to dispatch suicide-terrorists. All extremist movements have receive redoubled legitimacy from Arafat since the murder of the Israeli athletes at Munich, and the murders of children at Avivim and Ma’alot."
Public opinion polls published recently by Israel's most popular newspapers show that 80-90% of the public believe that what Bin-Laden is to the United States, Arafat is to Israel and the Jewish people. Therefore, Israel must fight Arafat and the rest of the terrorists residing in the West Bank, the same way the U.S. wants to fight Bin-Laden.

Arab Terror

This means that the Israeli response to terror should be similar to the response of the USA: No negotiations and no compromises. For the past year innocent Israeli civilians have suffered several barbaric acts of terror. These include the bombing of a Tel-Aviv Disco where tens of teenagers were murdered in cold blood, and the bombing of a pizza restaurant in Jerusalem where many died including five members of the same family. During this period, hundreds of Jews have been murdered by Arab terrorists. Thousands have been wounded, many have lost parts of their bodies and will not be able to live normal lives. The Israeli Jewish public wants action. What is the Israeli government doing about it? Shimon Peres and the Israeli left want to meet with their good friend Arafat. What is going on here? Is this a democracy? Is this a Jewish State?

Two nations live in the Land of Israel today: The Jewish Nation, and the Arab Nation. These are two different nations. This can clearly be seen in their reactions to the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Israeli Jews rushed to donate blood, money, and offered assistance to the USA. Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as Arabs with Israeli citizenship, rejoiced in the streets, they danced and distributed candies to the children. Israeli Jews were shocked and horrified with these attacks in the USA, they immediately identified with the American people, as did most people in the world. But the Israeli Arabs were happy with these attacks, just like the Arabs in other parts of the world. Nobody can say that all Arabs rejoiced with these attacks, but nobody can deny the facts either.

Jews have to open their eyes now. The world has to open their eyes as well. Jews must choose life. The world has to make the right choices. The Nazis were allowed to murder six million Jews just a few decades ago. What exactly is the world going to allow Arafat and Bin-Laden to do today?

Jews Protest in Jerusalem!!!

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