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Rabin in Heaven

Rabin died and went to heaven. There he is greeted by the welcoming commitee, and is told that in heaven each person can choose what type of house he wants to leave in for eternity.

Rabin says that before choosing what type of house he would like for eternity, he would first like to have a look around heaven to see what type of houses people have.

He starts his tour, and suddenly he sees a huge building, Ma'arat Hamachpela. He knocks on the door and Baruch Goldstein ZT"L HY"D opens the door.

Rabin asks him "Well, I see you live in a very nice house. About how long did it take you to build this house?"

Goldstein says: "It took only 2 weeks."

Rabin goes back to the person in charge, to tell him he has already decided what house he wants: "I want to live in the Knesset" Rabin says.

The person in charge tells him that will be OK, they will start building the Knesset for him immediately.

Rabin then asks how much time will the construction take.

And they tell him it will take about 3 years to build.

Rabin complains: "3 years!!! But you build Goldstein's house in only 2 weeks!!!"

So they tell him: "Yes that's right but, HE BROUGHT HIS OWN WORKERS!!!"

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