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G-d and the Golfer

The Rabbi was an avid golfer and played at every opportunity. He was so addicted to the game that if he didn't play he would get withdrawal symptoms.

One Yom Kippur, the Rabbi thought to himself, "What's it going to hurt if I go out during the recess and play a few rounds. Nobody will be the wiser and I'll be back in time for services."

Sure enough, at the conclusion of the morning service, the Rabbi snuck out of the synagogue and headed straight for the golf course.

Looking down upon the scene were Moses and G-d.

Moses said, "Look how terrible – a Jew on Yom Kippur.And a Rabbi besides!" G-d replied, "Watch, I'm going toteach him a lesson."

Out on the course, the Rabbi stepped up to the first tee. When he hit the ball, it careened of a tree, struck a rock, skipped across a pond and landed in the hole for a HOLE IN ONE!

Seeing all this, Moses protested: "G-d, this is how you're going to teach him a lesson? He got a hole in one!"

"Sure", said G-d, "but who's he going to tell?"

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