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Israeli R&D

In the western industrialized world technological innovation is a major element in the industrial development and creation of new places of work.

In Israel the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible for the financial assistance of industrial research and development. The Chief Scientist presents several programs in which the government participates in industrial R&D activities, via grants that are refunded through royalties from the sale of these products.

Ministry of Trade and Industry

In addition to the main channels of assistance of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which are mostly used to encourage R&D in existing companies or in start-up industries with private capital, the Ministry is aided by the Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development (MATIMOP - Mercaz Ta'asia Yisraelit Le'mechkar u'Pituach)

Services Offered by MATIMOP

MATIMOP, The Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development is a public non-profit organization which aims at advancing industrial R&D in the following ways: data surveys, information services and presentation of business programs for innovative projects, seminars, participation in R&D fairs and the initiation of international technological cooperation between Israel and foreign countries, mostly in Europe.

MATIMOP has a project site which has been technologically proven, and is currently looking for an investor.
Several organizations operate within MATIMOP, which may be able to help immigrant R&D engineers to advance their technological knowledge:

BASHAN - Technological Applications

BASHAN was established in order to help to apply and advance ideas and proposals for technological projects of immigrant scientists and engineers.
BASHAN has representatives throughout the country.

BASHAN operates in the following fields:

Center for Assistance in Innovation and Intervention (MESSER)

This center is a public organization affiliated to the MATIMOP, which helps prinventors and entrepreneurs develop potentially successful ideas in order to produce them within the Israeli industry.

Services offered by MESSER

Incubators for Technological Entrepreneurship

The incubators for technological entrepreneurship are a supportive framework that enable young entrepreneurs, with innovative technological ideas, to develop them into industrial products and establish new businesses.

This is a national project that is being run under the auspices of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Services offered by the Technological Incubators:

Period of Assistance: two years

The period of activity within the incubator significantly increases the chances of the entrepreneur to raise financial investments, to merge with a strategic partner, and grow from the incubator as an independent business.

Every incubator is an independent company, a non-profit corporation which is set up to support these projects. Each incubator is capable of running 10-15 projects.

Criteria for Acceptance to the Incubator Project:
Initiation of a R&D project that is based on a technological and innovative idea which aims at developing a potentially successful product for export.