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!!!!! JOBS IN ISRAEL !!!!!
Find work in Israel Today !

The C.V. is the first tool by which the employers evaluate the skills of the candidates. They provide a summary which includes information on personal data, education, professional experience, personal abilities and skills.

The C.V.'s main objective is to attain an interview with the prospective employer. In the process of searching for a job one is competing with many good candidates, therefore the C.V. must be attractive enough so the employer will prefer him or her from other candidates.

The information should be presented in an orderly consecutive and readable fashion. The information should be written from the present to the past, marking the years.

Following are the titles that should appear in a C.V.:

  • Personal data: Name, date of birth, place of birth, date of immigration, marital status, address, telephone.

  • Professional Experience: your professional relevant experience must be listed in a brief fashion, the term of employment, company's name and the job title.

  • Education: Years in which education was acquired, name of the institution, major/subject of study.

  • Courses: Note the relevant courses to the job. Note the year in which the course was taken, name of the institute and the name of the course.

  • Military service (for Israelis): Years of service, corps, duty.

  • Languages: Note the languages that you know well enough to be worth of mentioning.

    A few more tips:

    1. The C.V. must be typed on a clean and fitting sheet of paper, unless asked otherwise.
    2. The C.V. must be arranged in accordance to the head titles.
    3. It is advised to use capital letters, a bold print or an underline in order to emphazise the title or the subject matter.
    4. The C.V. must be concise, not exceeding 2 pages.
    5. Check for spelling mistakes.
    6. It is recommended to attach an opening handwritten letter, with a few introductory words, expressing an interest in a specific job.
    7. It is not recommended to attach certificates, diplomas or letters of recommendation at first stage.

    The following website contains a listing of Israeli companies looking to hire new employees. To find work in Israel, simply send your resume (CV) to those companies.

    !!!!! GOOD LUCK !!!!!

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